Innovative Agricultural Business Ideas

The agricultural sector is estimated to be worth $3 trillion. In addition to producing food and fiber, it also produces important products for export. But, it’s not immune from the information revolution.

Technology has played a large role in changing the way farms operate. In the 20th century, large farms were managed by a small group of people. Now, there’s a growing number of startups utilizing technology to help farmers improve their operations.

Granular is a software startup that allows farmers to manage their operations and forecast revenues. The company’s products are based on data-driven algorithms. They allow farmers to prioritize their workforce and keep track of their profitability.

Bee Vectoring Technology uses the natural behavior of bees to reduce chemical pollution on farms. Its scientifically designed bumblebee hive eliminates the use of pesticides. BVT also makes it easier for biodiversity to thrive.

Another crop that’s in high demand worldwide is mushrooms. Mushrooms can be harvested in a single room, which provides multiple harvests and full-time income.

Using satellite imagery and precision technology, Farmer’s Edge helps growers get the most out of their farms. Their service is free to use.

Mavrx helps farmers visualize entire fields. It benchmarks the performance of crops and highlights areas where they need resources. This technology has raised $22 million from Bloomberg Beta and the National Science Foundation.

One of the fastest-growing agribusinesses in the recent past is hydroponic retail stores. These businesses sell plants grown without soil.